Our factories/workshops, usually known as N,AR,JF,OM . Similar to that of Japan’s RXW and Italy’s TMF. We made or purchase after market parts and produce Franken watch in full accordance with customer requirements. Parts for the logo are genuine e.g. winder, logo on the dials Often, customers send us their watch to be customized, similar to the services offered by Blaken and Bamford.

The crafting, details of the work and workmanship etc of our customized products are expected to be the top quality. Whether it’s the polishing of the case, or the finishing of the dial, the fit of the crown , they will perfectly meet your expectations.

Our workshops are based in Guang Zhou, every customized watch we sell comes with accessories (i.e. the box, invoice, receipt, warranty card etc, except in special circumstances)

If you would like to send your watch in to be customized (e.g. PVD coating, changing bezel, re-polishing ). Please feel free to contact us prior. Some of the examples of final products are shown in the front page.

Address: Yuexiu District Station, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

We made a name for ourselves by making a number of top watches that make watch enthusiasts crazy.
The original meaning of NOOB is the meaning of “first brother” in American proverbs. Come from the ridicule of foreign fans.
Our Franken watch, like Japan’s RXW and Italy’s TMF factory, is 100% assembled according to customer needs.
The craftsmanship is obvious to all, whether it is from the polishing of the case, the brushed metal, the smoothness of the dial, the flatness, and the fit of the crown and the case, we can do it perfectly.
Another feature is that many models have a luminous function, and the luminous powder we give is not awkward, imported from Switzerland.
The effect of night light is very sharp, and the maintenance time is very long, usually around 15 hours!

Such a favorite watch makes a lot of watch-players love it!
It can be said that our watch is the most extreme in the Franken play watch, and even known as the “blue blood aristocrat” of Franken play!

Most of the most expensive watches, as well as the masters who have the highest skills in repairing watchmaking, are here. We even have a handful of masters in the country who can repair the tourbillon.

This is us, develop technology, keep improving, and don’t forget the original heart. We are based on the principle of honesty and integrity, and we are deeply committed in the re-engraving industry.
Do not seek the best profit, but seek the most technical.